Reading is one the most important skills that are invaluable for the process of being an autonomous learner not only for English practice but also for life-long study. In the past 10 years, Extensive Reading (ER) in Japan has moved from the status of “one more method” to become the most widely accepted approach for developing students' reading ability and motivation to read independently. This is particularly the case in private universities where students take English several times a week or are language majors. In other parts of Asia, however, ER is still not common despite some research showing its efficacy and value. In addition, there has been little discussion as to how ER should fit together with conventional Intensive Reading or how it should be integrated across a curriculum.


Under the recognition of its necessity, TDT Creative Language Center organized the workshop “Extensive Reading”, presented by Dr. Rob Waring and Dr. Michael Furmanovsky on Wednesday, August 30th, 2017. The goal here is to give Vietnamese educators a flexible and wide range of options for bringing ER into their institutions in the decade to come. During the workshop, a lot of ideas were exchanged and discussed in a constructive approaches with the aim to promote and to spread the idea.