Announcement for running Talk Radio for students

TDT-CLC is running a 10-minute Talk Radio show for Ton Duc Thang University students. The show discusses many topics of students’ interest and helps them enhance their listening and communication skills. Moreover, it inspires creative contributions to radio programming as well as increases students’ awareness of the power and potential of radio. The detailed information is as follows:

March’s Talk Radio has been conducted by our hosts, and we plan to conduct the next session in April, in collaboration with students. Therefore, we are now collecting topics for April’s Talk Radio. Interested students are expected to prepare and discuss the show content with their teacher of English. The teacher helps gather students’ ideas and then registers the topic via the link below:

April’s Talk Radio topics should be submitted by April 8th, 2017. The selected topics will be on air in April.

Teachers and students with the topics selected will be contacted for the arrangement of rehearsal and official broadcast.

The announcement of topic registration for the other months will be updated in the upcoming time.

For more information, please contact Ms. Ngo Thị Hien via email: or phone 01639837829.