This summer, TDT Creative Language Center, in conjuction with many faculties from our university such as the Faculty of Applied Science, Industrial Fine Arts, Faculty of Electrical and Engineering and CAIT, organize a summer program called "Explore our world" for all the children of our staff and lecturers. The main purpose is to create an enviroment where our little angels can discover and experiment the world around them in the most effective way possible.

No more boring textbooks, no more difficult math problems and no more exams, just pure enjoyment.


English lesson is much more fun now with Mr. Dante
English lesson is much more fun now with Mr. Dante


And on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 we officially launched the program. And if you had been there, all you could have seen were the joy and laughter from our kids. They had a lot of fun while getting introduced to many new and fascinating things such as interacting with 2 NAO robots and learning how to play sports, how to draw and of course, how to speak English.



News class summer
Getting to know their new mate, a NAO robot named Tommy


News class summer 3
Oh, and Sally was just being herself there


After watching the kids enjoy themselves, together with their teachers and classmates, we strongly believe that we had successfully made their summer become more wholesome and worth waiting for. Moreover, this is an opportunity for the parents to see their children grow, hence preparing them better, both physically and mentally, for the upcoming academic year.

News class summer 4
"Don’t be afraid, you can do it. "


News class summer 6
Who says basketball is difficult?

Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaO5-HL8DME